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Social Detox Programme

Social Detox Programme – A step Towards Addiction Recovery

Drug and substance addiction can destabilize and destroy the lives of those affected. Whether it’s the person with a drug use disorder or people close to him, living with an addiction can be devastating. Moreover, the recovery journey can be challenging and could last several months to transition into a life of lasting sobriety.

Detoxification is usually the first step of the addiction recovery process, followed by helping the victim connect with a drug-free life. If a person is not severely addicted to drugs, social detox is usually the best approach. To determine if an individual can withdraw from substance abuse without using medications, The Retreat ensures a thorough evaluation and screening by certified experts.


What is Social Model Detox?

A Social model detox is a specific approach for detoxification where toxins and drug residues are eliminated without using any medication. In place of medical prescriptions, social detox relies on emotional support and therapy to manage withdrawal symptoms. For people with mild or moderate addictions, natural detox can be effective. But with experienced therapists, it can also be successful when the addicted person doesn’t exhibit dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

This approach is commonly used to treat alcohol addiction since recovery from most hard drugs may require medical interventions. As a proven medication-free approach, it helps patients to safely recover from drug addiction under a therapist’s close supervision.

The Difference Between Medical and Social Detoxification Programmes

Detoxification is among the first stages of drug addiction recovery. It is also the most critical because this is when life-threatening withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur. Notably, a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t always work to help a person break free from addictions. There are two distinct types of detox methods, they include;

Social Model Detoxification

In this model, recovery and withdrawal from drug addiction are closely supervised, monitored, and managed without using any form of medication. Before initiating the process, a physician will thoroughly evaluate the addicted person to determine if drug withdrawal is safe and manageable without medical interventions. If the possible withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, medication may not be necessary, and detox can be safely applied.

Economically, the social detoxification programme tends to be cost-friendly compared to medical detox, which may require a range of medications. Natural detox relies on therapy, counselling and emotional support. However, constant monitoring is necessary since withdrawal symptoms can appear suddenly. Keen attention to emotional and physical nourishment, understanding, and patient’s safety is vital.

Medical Detox

Medical detox happens to be the most common approach to addiction treatment. Recovery centres that use this method have nurses, doctors, and support staff who help manage acute withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox is often used for individuals with addictions to drugs like:

  •   Heroin
  •   Opioids
  •   Alcohol
  •   Sleep medication
  •   Benzodiazepines
  •   Stimulants like Adderall, Ritalin, and Ecstasy

While each case is unique medical detox normally lasts for 5 to 10 days. However, the duration may differ depending on the level of addiction. For instance, an individual with a long history of drug abuse may need more time to flush out all the toxins.

When a person goes through medical detox, a qualified medical professional provides constant monitoring and evaluations. The objective is to ease the pain and discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms.

Social Detoxification Service

Drug addiction is a dangerous cycle with far-reaching repercussions. Without proper support, it can be quite challenging to break free and recover. Individuals with substance use disorder often battle with serious mental, physical, and emotional health issues.

Ideally, the process takes about 3-7 days, but the exact detox process duration depends on addiction severity, a person’s history, and necessary stabilization services. This is a residential non-medical detox service that offers round-the-clock monitoring to people with drug addiction. Besides being in a supportive, social, and calm environment, patients are also supervised and monitored by a team of duly certified staff.

Why Choose The Retreat for Addiction Recovery

At The Retreat, we understand that detoxification on its own can be inadequate to correct existing social, psychological, and behavioural issues that trigger drug abuse and addiction. Due to these limits, we make sure every person getting into the social detoxification programme is adequately educated. Besides providing support and guidance, this aspect also includes helping the individuals understand and adopt vital recovery principles.

With a team of experienced professionals, The Retreat provides round-the-clock monitoring. While going through a detox process, our 12-step spiritual approach can help recovering individuals deal with underlying issues that caused the addiction.

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