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Meth Addiction Programme

Meth Addiction Rehab and Recovery: Get the Help You Deserve

Long-term use of meth harms your physical and mental health. It could also affect your emotional well-being, leading to family and relationship issues. That said, meth addiction rehabs and counselling services can help addicts overcome dependency.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, awareness is the first step to recovery. This addiction, like any drug dependency problem, isn’t a lifestyle weakness or choice. Instead, it’s a health condition that requires specialised care and attention. Similarly, the earlier the addiction problem is resolved, the better. 

Regardless of the current situation, you can rest assured that you can find the help you need to get your life back on track. Addiction to meth treatment and recovery options in NZ range from online counselling to inpatient rehab – most of which are primarily geared towards individual recovery needs.

Understanding Meth Addiction and Treatment

Methamphetamine or crystal meth is a powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Once taken, it stimulates the release of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin, leading to high feelings of energy and mood. This feeling lasts for around six hours before a low feeling sets in, which could also cause headaches, paranoia, dizziness, and hallucinations. People tend to take more meth to avoid this low feeling, leading to repetitive use cycles and addiction. 

Common signs of methamphetamine addiction include compulsion, cravings, loss of control, and continued use despite the apparent knowledge of its consequences. People who use meth over a long period develop severe health issues ranging from physical dependence to cardiovascular problems. 

The other risks of using this drug include:

  • Disruption of sleep patterns – leading to poor concentration at work or school, hence affecting the quality of life.
  • Severe mental & emotional states – symptoms include mood swings, anxiety, depression, aggression & violent behaviour, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis.
  • Behavioural-related issues – meth use increases the chances of engaging in risky sexual behaviours, sharing injection needles, misusing other drugs, etc. 
  • Financial instability – there’s a high risk of losing your job, home, savings, and critical relationships.

Meth dependence basically gets worse with time. So the earlier the addict seeks help, the higher the chances of successful recovery without causing more or even irreversible harm to the body.  Here are the signs that it’s time to get help for your addiction:

  • You can’t stop using meth no matter how hard you try to avoid it.
  • You are constantly thinking about the drug.
  • You have developed a tolerance to meth; hence you take more to feel the effects. 
  • You suffer from withdrawal symptoms whenever you stop using the drug.

As far as addiction and treatment of meth are concerned, addicts seem to respond well when working with other addicts who have found recovery. Unlike alcohol, crystal meth is much stronger and addictive and is often abused with other hard drugs such as opioids.


When dealing with methamphetamine addiction, it’s necessary to adopt a careful and personalised approach to meth treatment. At the Retreat NZ, we have been offering a 30-day recovery programme for meth addicts based on the AA’s Big Book, and working alongside alcoholics and addicts of other types of drugs.

While we have achieved success with meth addicts in this programme, we recently decided to offer a new programme for 30 days, five weeks or six-weeks specifically for meth addicts based on the text and steps guide of Narcotics Anonymous.

Our new programme is specific to meth addicts, and we believe it will have more impact. The Narcotics Anonymous basic text and steps guide is compatible with other meth addiction programme workbooks. That means patients can further benefit from critical lessons such as anger, guilt and shame management, relapse prevention and improving self-esteem.

To ensure the best rehabilitation possible, we’ve got a passionate network of addiction professionals and volunteers who are committed to your healing and well-being. Our programme is delivered by addicts, for addicts. This provides specific support to help you throughout the recovery period. And you can always rest assured that our staff and your peers are willing to listen to you and offer the help you may need.

Cost for the Crystal Clear Recovery Programme

We strongly recommend that meth addicts do the six-week programme however we understand that sometimes that is not possible.

We do not allow people to do less than 30 days, and in our experience the longer you can be in the programme and stay connected, the greater the chance of success.

The fee structure is as follows:

30 days: $11,960 (plus $200 refundable medical contintency) = $12,160
5 weeks: $14,750 (plus $200 refundable medical contintency) – $14,950
6 weeks: $17,540 (plus $200 refundable medical contingency) = $17,740*

*Clients within the criminal justice system are required to do six weeks minimum.

Speak to our staff about what length of time may suit you best.

Once accepted into the crystal clear programme, you’ll be given an entry date. Here, you’ll need to pay a $ 1,500 non-refundable deposit. This amount goes to booking the room that you’ll use throughout the entire 30 day or six-week period.

For meth addicts, seeking immediate treatment is the best step to take. And to help all our patients access timely rehab, we try as much as possible to push the entry dates sooner rather than later.

That said, not all addiction facilities are always ready to take in new patients due to congestion and limited resources. This is particularly the case with government-funded facilities. These long waits often translate to continued drug use and more damage to your body.

Meth Addiction Help in NZ: Overcome Your Troubling Past

When it comes to addiction recovery, intensive inpatient care and continuous support are critical. At The Retreat, we understand the difficulties of battling addiction with meth. We will listen to your story and customise your residential care to suit your unique challenges and needs. 

Our team of staff and volunteers with lived experience and who have been where you are now will help you overcome your troubling past so you can live your next life to the fullest.

If you or your loved one need meth addiction help in NZ, complete a pre-registration today – contact us at 0800 276 237 to talk with our staff or reach out via email

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