We share five simple tips to help you reset your routine and get recovery back on track after the holidays… Read more…

Most of us are guilty of letting things slide a bit over the holidays. Whether it’s over indulging in food, slacking off on exercise or letting our recovery programme take a back seat. But once we’re out of routine it can be hard to get back on track. Here are some simple tips from our Programme Manager to help get your recovery programme back on track…  

  1. Get back to basics – Sometimes when we’re out of routine, getting back on track can feel overwhelming – where do you start? The good news is, there is often no need to reinvent the wheel; it’s just about returning to the simple things that worked in the first place. Remember – keep it simple and you only have to do it for today.
  2. Recommit to your recovery non-negotiables – It could be attending a certain number of meetings each week, actively working with a sponsor, making time for meditation, ensuring you have a service position in your homegroup – whatever your recovery non-negotiables are, recommitting to them and sharing them with your sponsor, peers or a counsellor helps keep you accountable.
  3. Reach out – Recovery is not something you need to do alone. With a change in routine and people away over the holidays, it’s easy to get out of good habits like phoning your sponsor regularly or checking in with your peers. Picking up the phone and calling someone in recovery can be a challenge at the start but it’s like flexing a muscle, the more you do it, the easier it becomes, and it helps both you and the other person stay connected.
  4. Get to regular meetings regularly – Committing to regular meetings and showing up each week helps you keep two feet firmly planted in A.A. and provides you with that wrap around support you need once you leave rehab. Building up consistency and routine around which meetings you attend can help provide stability and often means you’ll get to know people attending the same meetings and build stronger relationships.
  5. Review – Life doesn’t stay the same and while the discipline of sticking to a routine can be beneficially, when your circumstances change it’s good to review what you’re currently doing to ensure it’s still manageable. Perhaps you’ve moved house or changed jobs, or your childcare situation has changed? Being able to assess and discuss your current routine with a sponsor or counsellor, then make changes if needed is important. Making change isn’t always easy, but leaning in to your support network during these times means you’re not doing it on your own.

If you’ve found the holiday period challenging and are struggling to get back into routine, or if you just need a little bit of extra support at this time, our friendly team are just a phone call away.  

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