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Our Facility

Our Facility

Located on 12 acres of the tranquil countryside of Warkworth, our newly opened facility caters to all your recovery needs.

Whether that be a connection to nature, a peaceful home away from home, or the quiet and space to recentre; our state of the art facilities are designed to help you succeed.

The Retreat is your place of healing, offering you the space away from distractions, triggers and sabotage. We offer a discreet haven for you to focus on your sobriety journey and set you up with the tools you need for rehabilitation.

With wellness and comfort at its core, our modern, private accommodation has been specially created to facilitate your recovery, and provide you with a safe space to focus on your health and wellbeing.

What you can expect

Each day will start with group and individual sessions, with a busy but paced programme. This is broken up by a nutritious lunch and dinner as well as relaxation time.

We have a variety of room options from twin share to King size with ensuite. Each of our rooms features a stunning view of native bush, perfect for setting the scene of your healing.

Our facilities include a fully equipped, modern kitchen with all the amenities as well as relaxing shared spaces to unwind, including HD television to watch your favourite shows.

We’ve designed everything from the rooms to the fitting in order to give you the best possible chance of staying sober and succeeding in your recovery journey.


Conveniently located away from the city, nestled in beautiful native bush, The Retreat is a sanctuary for you to just focus on your wellbeing and recovery.

Address: 79 Thompson Road, Warkworth, Auckland 0981
Hours: Open 24hrs
Phone: 0800 276 237

Get Help Now

If you or a loved one are interested in our programmes or want to better understand how our programme works please fill out the form and we will make sure to have one of our dedicated staff members reach out for more information.

If you need to complete a pre-registration contact us at 0800 276 237 for assistance.

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