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Drug Recovery

Recovery Programme for Drug Addiction NZ

Drug addiction and dependency is a complex neurobiological disorder that calls for holistic recovery therapy focusing on the body, mind, and spirit. When someone is addicted to drugs, they may experience cycles of mild and intense use. However, an addiction can get worse if not reversed. Eventually, it leads to serious financial problems and health complications. While it’s not always easy to accept the problem, seeking help for addiction is the first step towards recovery.

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Understanding Drug Recovery in New Zealand

Substance use disorder (SUD), also commonly known as drug addiction, is a serious disease that adversely affects the brain and overall behaviour. Addiction is a progressive disease that grows gradually as you continue using the drugs. Once addicted, a person cannot get off the drugs despite the continuous damage they cause. People can get addicted to legal and illegal drugs. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can evade grievous consequences.

The addiction potential of each drug depends on its chemical compound and may vary from one person to another. For example, a drug like codeine requires a longer exposure to form dependency than heroine. Also, genetic and psychological traits can make one individual more prone to addiction than another.

Substance use disorder has two distinct aspects: physical and psychological dependency. Psychologically, a person may use drugs to relieve stress, mask pain, or feel pleasure. From a physical standpoint, most people abuse drugs to feel normal. But after some time, the body becomes used to drugs such that any attempt to abstain triggers a series of withdrawal symptoms.

Symptoms of Drug Dependency – Addiction Recovery New Zealand

In most cases, it’s hard for a person to realize and acknowledge the fact that they are dependent on certain drugs. Often, they will downplay the dependency and argue it’s only temporary, especially when dealing with difficult situations.

If you suspect you have a drug dependence problem, it’s critical to ask for help with drug recovery New Zealand to avoid bigger drug-related issues. However, even if you are deeply entrenched, it’s not too late for rehabilitation.

Some common symptoms of drug dependence may include:

  • The need for higher doses to derive the same effects
  • Experiencing intense urges for a drug
  • Buying drugs despite your financial inability to sustain the habit
  • Ensuring a constant supply of the drug
  • Experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms

The Retreat –Top Drug Rehabilitation Centre New Zealand

Drug dependency can be lethal if left untreated. While addicted individuals seem to have lost control, a program for drug recovery can reverse the condition. Without proper support and guidance, reclaiming your life from addiction is daunting.

At The Retreat, we offer a safe and conducive environment for drug rehabilitation New Zealand. With our 12-step approach, we help people understand and adopt critical recovery principles to ensure a lasting solution. Besides tapping into a community of other recovering addicts, you will also get support and learn from our staff and volunteers who have broken the addiction chains.

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