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Drink Driving Programme

New Zealand Drink Driving Programme

Finding the best drink driving programme can be overwhelming if you are not sure what to look for. With multiple options available online, narrowing down your search is often a daunting task. If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol use, getting the appropriate and effective help depends on your choice of programme. The best recovery centres focus on personal dedication, self-growth, and a strict commitment to the 12-step programme.

If you are worried about your alcohol use, participating in a driver rehabilitation program is an excellent way of regaining a sense of control. For people who don’t qualify for substance use disorder, the program can identify and prevent addiction before it develops further. While many people get into the programme after a drunk driving offence, this programme is suitable for anyone with concerns about their drinking habits.

Drink Driving Programme

Recidivist Drink Driving Programme –Interventions and Support

Unlike people who don’t go through a driver rehabilitation programme, participating in one makes you 2.6 times less likely to get re-arrested for drunk driving.

The Retreat New Zealand offers a rehabilitation program to people who have become conscious of the need to change their mindset and behaviour to ensure personal and community safety. The recidivist drink driving programme takes 16 weeks to complete and starts with a one-month residential care programme. Once the first phase is over, you can transition to a 12-week residential sober living programme or the 12-week evening programme. Both options have complimentary weekly counselling sessions.

More often than not, drunk driving offenders tend to struggle with other issues that have adverse effects on their lives. The Retreat New Zealand relies on an educational and supportive approach anchored on the 12-Step process to help participants understand the essentials of recovery. The 12-Step programme creates a perfect modus operandi for a deeper understanding of alcohol abuse issues, their overarching impacts, and how to start the recovery process.

While we welcome anyone who feels the need for help and support when working towards recovery, programme participants must embrace sober living. Our community will hold your hand along the way, but you should be committed to change your life.

Driver Rehabilitation Programme Structure

For most people with a history of alcohol abuse, getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol tends to be a wakeup call that prevents further entrenchment. Whether or not you are convinced about your alcohol problem, a driver rehabilitation programme offers invaluable education and awareness on the hazards of drunk driving.

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