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You are not alone in your addiction!

The Retreat NZ Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Centre

You are not alone in your addiction!

Hi, my name is Teresa and I have been chosen as a Charity Ambassador for the The Retreat NZ. Over the next several months I am committed to raising awareness and funds for this charity as it is one that is very dear to my heart.

The Retreat NZ is a charitable trust that provides residential care and support for anyone suffering from alcohol and drug addiction who is looking to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families, and communities. The Retreat NZ offers a 30 day residential program in a non-clinical, friendly, warm, and safe environment where you are surrounded with like-minded people who are passionate about recovery and finding sobriety.

I thought I was alone in my struggle with alcohol. What started as an acceptable past time became an obsession that controlled my life. I drank because it made me feel confident, I could escape my troubles, and I could push aside the fears and anxieties that had become a part of my life. Also, it was fun! But slowly I came to realize that it was not all fun and games. My mind had become obsessed with the need to drink. To hide my insecurities and escape reality, I had become afraid of my own self. And I thought I was alone. Everyone else seemed to have it together, why don’t I? I was lost in a downward spiral of depression and anxiety fuelled by alcohol that seemed endless. I felt hopeless and alone.

Thankfully, I have always been surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends who had enough faith in me when I did not. And I had the Retreat NZ. The staff and volunteers helped guide me when I was lost, giving me the knowledge and understanding of the disease of alcoholism, and proving to me that I was not alone.
Today I am sober. I am present for my life and can face the challenges without the need to hide. I would not be without the help of The Retreat NZ and for that I am truly grateful.

As part of this challenge I have been selected to star in a ground-breaking TV show called “Adventure All Star.” This award-winning television project involves me undertaking a life changing adventure while being filmed by an international TV crew and is set to screen in 2020.

This is where I need your support … please help me on this exciting new journey by generously donating to this life-saving charity. Help me help those struggling know they are not alone.

Thank you,

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