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A Place To Be: The Retreat NZ Announces A New Residential Rehab Facility

A Place To Be: The Retreat NZ Announces A New Residential Rehab Facility

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With the current demand and anticipated need for rehabilitation care in NZ, the CEO of the charity behind The Retreat NZ, Janet Thompson, announced today that they are expanding their services, opening a brand-new programme later this year. The programme is designed specifically for people who have a substance dependency and want a combined clinical/cultural/12-step residential treatment approach.

Once resource consent has been obtained, The Retreat NZ will move its core programme for people with alcohol dependency to a new four-star facility in Warkworth. The Retreat NZ has been effectively administrating a combined programme from their Ōtāhuhu facility. With the introduction of the new programme, the Ōtāhuhu facility will provide support to people struggling with drug addiction.

“We have been successfully operating our programme from Otahuhu for the last nine years, and we know we carry a good message. Moving the alcohol dependence recovery programme to Warkworth will allow us to use the Ōtāhuhu facility specifically for a programme of recovery from drug addiction, and in particular, methamphetamine addiction,” say’s Janet.

The new programme will operate under a different brand named A Place To Be. The story behind the new brand was developed by the creative agency LIKEMINDS. Working together, The Retreat and LIKEMINDS agreed that the programme needed to be much more than just a name and a logo.

“We wanted to ensure the brand and its story were driven from the truth. There is no magic bullet here, simply the promise of a place where you can turn up with honesty, reflection, and hard work with people who see you and know there is a better way for you. A place where you can just ‘be’, said Noel and Damian from LIKEMINDS.

Welcoming guests throughout the country the expansion and development of A Place To Be provides a more focused solution to the support of those struggling with addiction. Both programmes in Warkworth and Otahuhu enable guests to connect with others on a similar journey to recovery.

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  • July 24, 2022

    Wells Scadden

    Sounds good.

  • July 25, 2022

    Linda Thomas

    I am so impressed with the whole set up and the research and commitment of the founders and the staff including the Chefs and the cleaners extending to the groundsmen.

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