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Afternoon or Evening Programme

Our Afternoon or Evening Programme is a 12-week alternative to traditional outpatient treatment for those who desire recovery but are not able to step away from the responsibilities of their daily lives. The Retreat’s supportive and educational approach teaches the essentials of recovery established in the Twelve Steps. By applying these spiritual practices, participants develop an understanding of the effects of alcohol and drug problems in their lives and begin the process of recovery.

This programme is ideal for:

  • Participants who are wanting sobriety or are new to sobriety
  • Those desiring continuing support after a residential experience
  • Those seeking guidance and support after a relapse

As the condition progresses, people become more dependent on alcohol. The symptoms can worsen and may include:

  • Increased alcohol tolerance
  • Inability to get through the day without alcohol
  • Uncontrollable craving for alcohol
  • Inability to quit alcohol despite numerous attempts
  • Drinking secretly and lying about alcohol
  • Increased aggression
  • Inability to maintain relationships or jobs
  • Tremors, blackouts, seizures, and panic attacks
Afternoon or Evening Programme

You would attend a group for two hours each week over a 12-week period. In addition, you would have some “homework” to do over and above attendance at the group. The cost for the 12-week programme will be $4,200 GST inclusive (equates to $350 per week).  The fee must be paid in full before the start and it is non-refundable. Contact us for more information.

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If you or a loved one are interested in our Afternoon or Evening programme or want to better understand how our programme works please fill out the form and we will make sure to have one of our dedicated staff members reach out for more information.

If you need to complete a pre-registration contact us at 0800 276 237 for assistance.

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