Why The Retreat?

We are one of the only residential rehabs in New Zealand which focuses solely on helping individuals with alcohol dependency. Fully integrated with the 12 Step programme of recovery, we separate guests from their drinking environment and surround them with like-minded people who have overcome alcohol addiction themselves and are uniquely placed to help.  We welcome people from all over New Zealand and more recently, we have been privileged to introduce a solution that we know works to people from other countries.

Set in the native bush at Warkworth, an hour north of Auckland, we provide a tranquil, comfortable and supportive environment for guests to embark on their recovery journey. Offering intervention, social detox, 30-day residential rehabilitation and sober living houses, our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities affected by alcohol abuse.

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Our Approach

Through awareness and education, our guests see the need for change and The Retreat NZ programme shows them precisely the steps they need to take to achieve it. What makes us unique is that our team have experienced first-hand the effects of alcoholism and are now living full and sober lives in recovery. They offer understanding and authenticity, which resonates with our guests and demonstrates that recovery is achievable. 

Our Programmes


If you’re worried about a loved one’s alcohol use, a Love First Intervention can help you get them the support they need.

Social Detox

If you or a loved one is unable to stop drinking, a social detox may be needed as the first step on the road to recovery.

30-Day Programme

Get the support you need to overcome alcohol addiction in our greater Auckland residential rehab centre.

Sober Living

Transitional support for guests who have completed our 30-day residential rehab programme.

Living the dream!

In April 2015 booze had taken everything away from me. I was homeless and jobless. I was offered a bed at The Retreat NZ on the proviso that I be an active participant in a program of recovery. It was money well spent. The staff and volunteers all related to my story and I to theirs. I start doing all the stuff they recommend that I do and life starts to get better immediately. Cut to November 2023 and I’ve been walking in freedom since. I still do all that stuff I learnt at The Retreat NZ and I have everything I need today – family, godchildren, a home, job, travel, lifelong friends. I’m living the dream! Anything of any value in my life hangs from my recovery and I get to keep it all as long as I try to carry a message of hope to the alcoholic who still suffers.

David C / The Retreat

The Retreat – a truly special place

The Retreat was a much needed safe haven for me in a period of absolute despair. I was welcomed by the staff and made to feel like family straight away. All of the staff were in recovery and they shared their wisdom and kindness openly. A highlight for me was going out to regular 12 step meetings as this set the foundation for recovery when I left. I'm so grateful for my time spent at The Retreat – a truly special place.

Amelia M / The Retreat

Safe and supportive environment

I never imagined I would end up in rehab and was terrified at the thought of being in a strange place, away from my friends and family for 30 days. It turned out to be nothing like I imagined. The Retreat gave me the space I needed to quit alcohol for good in a safe and supportive environment surrounded by people who understood. It set the foundation for what has now been long-term sobriety.

Joe F / The Retreat

Alcoholic in recovery

Having suffered from a long history of alcoholism, I finally admitted I was powerless and booked myself in for a 30 day programme at The Retreat NZ in 2015. I spent my time at The Retreat with a small group of likeminded people who were beginning their recovery journey too, and who had stories similar to my own. It was an immense relief to be able to discuss my struggles with drinking with people who had first-hand experience of my disease and understood its destructive nature.

Eddie / The Retreat

How The Retreat NZ helps

Guests share candidly about their time at The Retreat NZ and how the programme has impacted their life and set the foundation for recovery from alcoholism.


All your frequently asked questions about The Retreat NZ answered.

30-Day Programme

Find out how our 30-day residential rehab programme can help you overcome alcohol addiction

Our Place

Take a look around our Warkworth alcohol rehabilitation centre. 

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